Lee Pengelly

25 years ago I loaded my first roll of Fuji Velvia into my camera, and from that day on I got sucked into the world of photography. From the early days of fumbling around with F-stops and apertures and cursing when the results came back to now - fully immersed in digital imaging and all the post production that goes with it. Whether I'm a better photographer now then I was back then remains to be seen but my vision and passion have remained throughout the years.
I've gone full circle, from stumbling amateur onto life as a professional photographer, then just making pictures for pleasure and back again with a new refreshed outlook.
Along the way I have been totally immersed, some would say obsessed !, to complete photographic burnout and disillusionment and back again. But still the whole process of finding and capturing that 'shot' is still the best bit for me..
Dabbling in just about every format I have used 35mm, 6x4.5cm, 6x7cm and large format 5x4" film, along with a brief transition into 6x17cm panoramic photography. For the past 10 years digital has been my mainstay, with a 100% committment to it.  More recently I have returned to film with the purchase of a new 5x4 system.
What's in my bag ?
Canon 6D with 17-40mm F4 L, 70-200mm F4 l and 28-70mm F2.8 L lenses. Canon M3 with a 18-55mm, 22mm and 8mm fisheye lenses. Intrepid 5x4 Mk4 with 150mm & 90mm lenses. Lowepro bags, Lee filter system, Sandisk cards, Benro tripods and heads.

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